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GSA SmartPay Training

Additional Training

GSA SmartPay Mythbusters: Purchases Over the Micro-purchase Threshold:

The GSA SmartPay Mythbusters video series busts common myths about the GSA SmartPay program and highlights new ways to increase card spend and agency refunds.

Charge Up Video: Choosing Your Brand:

Your agency has options when choosing a brand.  In fact, choosing a brand can be just as important as choosing your contractor bank.  Watch this short video to find out more.  

Charge Up Video: SmartTax:

Going on official travel?  Find out more about state taxes and make sure you are prepared before your trip.  

GSA SmartTax: Leading Practices & Lessons Learned for State Taxes:

This training presentation will discuss state sales and lodging tax assessment on government charge card transactions, legal history, background, and precedence of state tax issues, as well as share leading practices and lessons learned.

Managing Your SmartPay Purchase Program:

The Managing Your SmartPay Purchase Program Interactive Flipbook is intended to serve as a source of information for assisting in the oversight role within the purchase program. 

Charge Up Video: Meet the GSA SmartPay Team:

Learn about the three branches that make up the GSA SmartPay Team. For more information on GSA SmartPay, visit and their social media pages! 

Charge Up Video: Getting to Know GSA SmartPay:

Learn about the services and savings provided by GSA SmartPay, the largest Government charge program in the world.

UNICOR. recycle, reuse, re-purpose :

The societal impact of prison programs, the benefits of procuring FPI products, and the real cost and benefit to the tax payer.

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