GSA SmartPay

Additional Training

Charge Up Video: A Tour of the GSA SmartPay Training Site:

Find out what is required before receiving your GSA SmartPay account and take a tour of the GSA SmartPay Online Training.

Managing Your SmartPay Purchase Program:

The Managing Your SmartPay Purchase Program Interactive Flipbook is intended to serve as a source of information for assisting in the oversight role within the purchase program. 

Charge Up Video: Meet the GSA SmartPay Team:

Learn about the three branches that make up the GSA SmartPay Team. For more information on GSA SmartPay, visit and their social media pages! 

Charge Up Video: Getting to Know GSA SmartPay:

Learn about the services and savings provided by GSA SmartPay, the largest Government charge program in the world.

UNICOR. recycle, reuse, re-purpose :

The societal impact of prison programs, the benefits of procuring FPI products, and the real cost and benefit to the tax payer.

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