GSA SmartPay MythBusters

The Center for Charge Card Management developed the MythBusters video series to dispel commonly held misconceptions about the GSA SmartPay program and to support increased government agency use.

The Accounts Payable File Review

Is the Accounts Payable File Review useful?  Yes!  Find out how you can use this helpful tool to improve agency performance.  

Payment Solutions Offered by GSA SmartPay

Does GSA SmartPay only offer traditional card solutions?  No!  GSA SmartPay provides a wide variety of solutions to help meet your agency's mission. 

Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Are GSA SmartPay cards are highly susceptible to fraud, waste and abuse? No!  GSA SmartPay solutions are very secure.  Get the facts by watching this short video.

Purchases Over the Micro-purchase Threshold

Can I use my GSA SmartPay purchase account for purchases OVER the micro-purchase threshold?  Yes! Find out the details in this short video.