You can choose to review the training material online or offline. Either way, you will need to login to the GSA SmartPay Training site to complete the quiz at the end of the course and receive your certificate of completion.  

On the homepage you will see training headings for Account Holder/ Approving Officials (cardholders) or Program Coordinators. The courses offered are listed directly below each menu item when clicked. Click the course you wish to take to be taken to the first page in the course.

To complete the course by viewing the training online: Read all the lesson information on the current screen. Then click on the arrow and lesson title at the lower right side of each screen to proceed to the next lesson.

To complete the course quiz: Once you have completed the final lesson, you will need to take the quiz. You will see a “Quiz” button on the lower right side of the screen. Click this to take the quiz. If you are not logged into your account you will see a message asking “Ready for the Quiz?” with a link that says, “Login and take it now”. Click that link to login and you will be taken to the Start Quiz screen. Click “Start Quiz” to begin.

To complete the course by viewing the training offline: Click the Download training link in the grey box on the first page of the training. After you have completed reading each lesson offline, you will need to come back to the training site to complete the quiz and finish the course. Login to your account and select your course. On the first page, click on the red arrow to the right of the title. A drop down menu will appear. Click Quiz at the bottom of the list to get to the quiz page. Click Start Quiz to begin the quiz.

Certificate of Completion: After you have completed the course and successfully passed the quiz (75% score or higher), you will receive your certificate of completion. The certificate can be saved or printed from the training website at any time. You may take the quiz as many times as needed to obtain the 75% passing score.