Your agency contracts with a commercial bank/provider for government travel accounts using the GSA SmartPay contract. When traveling for the Federal Government, use of the GSA SmartPay travel account is mandatory, unless an exemption has been granted. You must use a GSA SmartPay travel account for all official travel expenses unless:

  1. A vendor does not accept the payment solution; 
  2. The administrator of GSA has granted an exemption (see FTR Section 301-70.704); or
  3. Your agency head has granted an exemption.

Your GSA SmartPay travel account may be used for authorized official travel and authorized travel-related expenses only. Official travel expenses are transportation, lodging, meals, and incidentals. The travel account will be printed in your name and must not be used by any other person. You are personally liable for all charges made on your travel account. Again, use of the GSA SmartPay travel account is for official government travel only.  Do not use your government travel account for any personal expense.