Account holders who have questions related to their specific account, must contact their agency’s contractor bank directly. This number can be found on the GSA SmartPay website or listed on the back of your travel charge card. You can contact the bank with issues related to payment, delinquency, address/ personal information change, confusion about your bill, disputed items, how to use the bank’s online account access website, or other questions related to specific account information. Customer service representatives are accessible to both domestic and international account holders through a dedicated email address and toll-free numbers, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

If you need help contacting the banks or dealing with specific issues, your agency’s program coordinator (A/OPC) can assist you.


U.S. Bank:

The GSA SmartPay banks offer a secure web-based electronic access system (EAS) on which you can view your account electronically at any time. In addition, many agencies allow for mobile application capabilities including the ability to access EAS, pay invoices, receive text/email alerts, and view statement and payment information over a mobile device. You should request electronic access, along with a login and password, when you apply for a travel account.

How do I report a lost/ Stolen Account?

Report a lost or stolen travel account promptly to:

  1. The contractor bank;
  2. Your program coordinator (A/OPC); and
  3. Your supervisor.

Once an account has been reported as lost or stolen, the contractor bank immediately blocks that account from further usage and a new account number will be issued to the account holder.

Reporting the account as stolen does not relieve the account holder or the Government of payment for any transactions that were made by the account holder prior to reporting it stolen. If you do not recognize a transaction appearing on your statement, you are responsible for notifying the contractor bank within 90 calendar days from the transaction date to initiate a dispute, unless otherwise specified by the agency/organization. This notification of transaction dispute may occur via the electronic access system, by telephone, or other electronic means (e.g. email).

Note: You relinquish your right to recover a disputed amount after 90 calendar days from the date that the transaction was processed. It is your responsibility to dispute questionable charges. If you don’t, you will be held personally liable for the amount of the questionable charge.

What happens if my address changes?

If you change your address, please be sure to contact the bank immediately with your new information by:

  • Calling the toll free contractor bank number listed on the back of your account;
  • Using the bank's electronic access system; or
  • Asking your program coordinator to submit the change electronically.

Note: Make sure you file a change of address form at your local post office so mail will be forwarded.