Welcome to the GSA SmartPay online training for fleet Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPC). As a program coordinator, you play a critical role in your agency’s/organization’s fleet program. You work with account holders, the bank, and other key stakeholders to ensure that all fleet accounts are effectively managed.

This training module is intended to teach you the basics about your roles and responsibilities as an A/OPC and can be used as refresher training as required by your agency. We encourage you to learn about your agency’s specific fleet program requirements and policies, since they will be the foundation of your day-to-day duties.

In addition to this training, the contractor or your agency’s bank, also provides an Electronic Access System (EAS) and an A/OPC Guide – these will be invaluable tools for you in performing your duties.

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Note:  The GSA SmartPay Online Training is an independent training system and does not connect with any agency training system.

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