Use the ATM feature of your GSA SmartPay travel account to obtain cash for official travel expenses authorized on your travel authorization.

  • To find the nearest ATM, call the bank's customer service at the number on the back of your travel charge card or on our website.
  • When obtaining your cash from the ATM, select “credit” when prompted.
  • Your agency limits ATM use to a maximum dollar transaction over a specified period of time. Your program coordinator can tell you the limits.
  • The issuing bank charges a minimal fee for ATM use. The fee is listed in your Cardholder Agreement and is reimbursable.
  • The ATM machine you use may charge an additional fee. It will be posted on the receipt and is reimbursable if allowed by your agency.
  • If you lose or forget the PIN, you must apply for a new one and it will be mailed to the address provided in the application. Bank personnel are not able to look up the PIN for you.

Remember:  Do not use the ATM from your GSA SmartPay travel account to obtain cash for personal expenses.