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Agency/Organization Program Coordinators (A/OPCs) Fleet Training

Lesson 9: Resources

How do I reach out to my agency’s contractor bank directly?

In order to effectively manage the GSA SmartPay® Fleet program for your agency/organization, it is important to know your contractor bank’s information. It will be helpful to get to know your bank’s Customer Service Representatives and Account Managers. They can provide a wealth of information and are ready and able to answer questions to help you manage your program. Many of your responsibilities as an agency/organization program coordinator (A/OPC) involve a working relationship with the contractor bank.

Here is a listing of the contractor bank’s websites and phone numbers. Ask questions and get involved. They are available to give you the technical assistance you need.


  • 800-790-7206 (within United States)
  • 904-954-7850 (collect calls from outside United States)
  • Citibank Online Account Access (self register, commercial site).

U.S. Bank (Voyager is owned by U.S. Bank)

  • 888-994-6722 (within United States)
    Note: To speak with a live person, do not press any buttons.
  • 701-461-2232 (collect calls from outside United States)
  • U.S. Bank Online Account Access (self register, commercial site).

Wright Express (WEX)

Where am I able to access the GSA SmartPay Master Contract?

Understanding the terms and conditions of the GSA SmartPay Master Contract is important to performing your role as an A/OPC. The terms and conditions of the Master Contract identify specific contractual requirements that the GSA SmartPay program has with the contracting banks.

The GSA SmartPay Master Contract can be viewed on the GSA SmartPay website. Download a copy and review relevant clauses and sections that pertain to the GSA SmartPay Fleet program, as well as to the GSA SmartPay program in general.

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